Reporting on the Results of 8.21 GPNA Board Meeting-

GPNA Board Meeting
August 21,2017

Judy opened the meeting at 6 PM. Attendance taken. Ben has an excused absence.
Minutes were read and approved without corrections. Treasurer’s Report: Attached.

Police Issues: Eviction of the tenant on Rammers was completed. The house is now for sale.
The juveniles on Charles St have been quiet for the last 2 weeks.
Bruce Ewing has recruited groups to participate in the Narcan training. He will let us know when we
have a date.
John Gonder is recruiting businesses face to face to open Business Memberships.
Ideas for public improvements include the bridge overpass on ELLISON, needing painting over grafitti
and pulling weeds. Goss Avenue is waiting for their new signs. Approved by LGE.Apparently a pole
needed to be replaced.
Luv It Landscaping will be caring for the Rain Garden. It looks a little rough right now due to the plants
are dying back at the end of summer. They will be mowed when they have gone to seed.
GPNA members feel we could do some trimming and weeding during the summer.
Community Raised beds plants are thriving and we have attracted monarch butterflies, Tomatoes are
getting big.
9 people were present for the CPR training,
Steve read the letter that was drafted to send to the ABC protesting Mo’s Convenient Store from being
turned into a liquor store. Bruce made a motion to send the letter as is. I seconded it. The motion
passed unanimously.

Our guests tonight are Carmelo and Michael Gabrieli. They have purchased the Germantown Pub site
and hope to open an Italian restaurant at that location sometime in October. They say it will be
Neapolitan style Italian, Pizza, Pasta and Sicilian Street fare.

Bradford Mills Lofts should open in November.

There was some interest in having a booth at the Belknap Festival October 14, Kathleen will consider
Our next meeting will be September 18, it will be an open meeting with a potluck to follow.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Hardesty